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About Our Orangeries

Orangeries are a popular choice across the country for discerning homeowners or business owners that want to add extra space to their property. With their traditional Victorian or Edwardian lines and all that extra light, it’s easy to see why. We can install a modern orangery that provides you with everything you need. 

With a modern take on traditional roof design, with Lusso, you can create the look and feel of a traditional orangery. But our designs don’t feature the extra building work or added cost of making sure the conservatory can support a ‘fuller’ roof. That’s because Lusso looks like the real thing, right down to its deep perimeter, lantern roof, and period details. But it’s a lightweight, prefabricated system that’s quick and easy to install.

We have a range of options for your orangery that can help blend it into the design of your property. Whether that’s a specific roof design, or you have something else in mind, be sure to discuss your needs during our quoting process.

We can provide free, no-obligation, quotations. Our quotations can be done on-site and remotely.  We will endeavour to make our quoting system the easiest for you.